Sunday, July 08, 2012

This spring, we planted our biggest garden's actually only our second garden ever... Allen jumped in full force and it has been such a rewarding experience! Here he is tilling up the grass. Photobucket Next came the digging Photobucket He had a really handsome helper Photobucket Putting in the fence Photobucket Another sweet helper Photobucket Photobucket Finally some plants! Photobucket Up close Photobucket This was in May, we've been eating so much food from such humble beginnings! God is good <3

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Weekly G-free/D-free Menu Plans

I am a meal planner.It simplifies my life, gets me organized and excited for grocery shopping (usually a hard thing to do)
We have been successfully gluten and dairy free since the new year...except for some minor instances :) We all feel better. Audrey had eczema on her cheeks, since our new eating change, it's gone!
Ok, so on to the Menu Plans....
These plans are for Jan 6-19
Jan.6th Breakfast: scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes
Lunch: chicken and rice soup
Dinner: ground beef tacos on hard shells with black bean and corn salad
(no cheese or sour cream)
Jan.7th B: Amish baked oatmeal (topped with coconut yogurt or almond milk)
L: leftover soup
D: baked sweet potatoes, sauteed cabbage, gf cornbread or corn fritters.
Jan.8th B: scrambled eggs, coconut yogurt and fruit
L: Pick up plates ( a meat, raw veggie and fruit and dip)
D: Chicken and black bean chili over brown rice (could do the gf cornbread)
Jan.9th B: Gf toast, coconut yogurt and fruit
L: leftover chili
D: steak and peppers over brown rice w/ matchstick carrot salad
Jan.10 B: gf cereal w/almond milk
L: veggie soup w/ corn fritters
D: buffalo chicken, peas and roasted red potatoes
Jan.11 B: Amish baked oatmeal w/ blueberries
L: leftover soup
D: pinto beans (indian woman style) greens and gf cornbread
Jan.12 B: gf cereal w/almond milk
L: pick up plates
D: rice noodle pho (

Jan.13 B: fried eggs, bacon, grits
L: lentil soup
D: chicken tacos on hard shells with guac.
Jan.14 B: Amish baked oatmeal
L: leftover lentil soup
D: beef and veggie stir fry over brown rice
Jan.15 B: gf cereal/almond milk
L: baked potatoes and a salad
D: garlic chicken, peas and roasted red potatoes
Jan.16 B: scrambled eggs and fruit
L: chicken and rice soup
D: chicken enchiladas w/ refried beans
Jan.17 B: Amish baked oatmeal
L: leftover chicken soup
D: baked sweet potatoes, kale, coleslaw
Jan.18 B: scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes
L: rice noodle pho
D: gf meatballs and gravy over brown rice, garlic green beans
Jan.19 B: gf cereal/almond milk
L: pick up plates
D: pinto beans (iw style) greens, coleslaw, corn fritters

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I'm baaaack ;)
Excited to live in this fresh new year! All the kids are growing and doing so well, we have added a baby girl since my last post. Audrey is 10 months old (almost) and sweet as pie <3
We are still homeschooling, Hailey is in the 6th and Ava in the 1st.
I am going to try something different here. We have recently discovered that our family has some allergies/intolerances. Dairy, Gluten and Pork being the top three.We are planning to avoid these, and hopefully preservatives and refined sugar in the far
I'm gonna try to come to this space and post menu plans, recipes, thoughts and ideas I have regarding our new "diet"
So, for our New Year's Day dinner, I usually make, ham, black eyed peas and turnip greens with cornbread. Tonight, however, we had garlic chicken, cabbage and baked sweet potatoes. It was gf and df and delicious! Who cares that we skipped the pork and peas?! They've never made us rich anyway...;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a long, long time :)

I was reading this blog and realized that some of this stuff is good! Ha! So I am re-committed to *try* to blog more ;)
Let's see, our life is great. Allen is still applying for firefighter jobs and the Lord is still working fantastically ordinary miracles for us. Comfy home, great kids, wonderful church and friends, still in love marriage <3
This was our first year of homeschooling and it has been so life changing. Hailey is a completely different girl than she was last year. I wouldn't have believed it had I not watched the transformation! She is so close with her siblings, she is into anything Pioneer related and loves to help around the house!!
Ava is reading and growing long legs. She is actually turning a maturity corner this spring that has me delighted, she's such a little girl now rather than a pre-schooler.
Evan is almost three and watch out!! He thinks he's a full grown man :) He is addicted to his Daddy, loves to ride with him in his truck to take the recyclables or to the store. He is so adorable that I spend most of my days kissing his quishy cheeks.
This life is a charmed one and I am delighted to live it <3
Till next time!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's been a while, life is truly remarkable..things can be so good then so tough withing months..even days. We have been having an incredibly rough few months and I have found myself to be immersed in my own problems..I have talked to my friends about it until I am sick of hearing it myself.
God is true and faithful always, even in the dark places where we can't imagine our way out.
I'm leaning on this song and striving to live the lyrics

I love God so much and I am so incredibly thankful that He has a perfect plan for my family. We are faithfully waiting :)
This next one is a shockingly beautiful love song for our Savior..

A while ago I asked God to guide women into my life that I could learn from and also women who could benefit from my friendship, I am still amazed at the circle of friends that He has given me...women so different and so the same, God is abundant in His gifts. Thanks to everyone who has lifted our family up in your prayers and sent us good energy. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." Revelation:1-8

I am drinking coffe and reflecting on the last year of my life. God is so faithful. He has perfect timing..He has shown me that when I wait on Him, things are exactly as they should sense of panick, stress and freak-out have much diminished. God has been so true to our family. He is showing us new pieces of the puzzle every day and we're glad to hold onto Him and take this wild ride.
He is bringing me friends and women who are living life in similar ways. He is drawing my husband nearer to Him and raising him up to be the leader of our home.
I am beyond excited about homeschooling. The thought of learning along side my kids and getting to be there as they see the world through the Bible, living books and fun math..that is just a dream I never dared to dream..God truly gives the desires of my heart..even the desires that I didn't know I had :)

We are having a great summer, enjoying free things to do, eating food from our very own garden and listening to my husbands exciting stories of fire school.
God is so good <3

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Meal plans and concert

So, my mom loves the Celtic Women.

She wanted to take Hailey since she plays violin..I went along because mom had an extra ticket..and we're paranoid about sending our kids away without us :)
They were great..I really appreciated the music and Hailey loved them!

So, on to meal plans...
Please don't laugh at the huge amounts of meat in my meal plan..I'm getting there but my man loves to eat meat ;)
I guess that's what happens when you're a recovering veggie.

*Roast chicken / asparagus / rice (brown)
*Steak / peas / mashed potatoes
*Chicken pot pie / rice (brown)
*Baked ziti ground beef and mozzarella / garlic bread
*Quiche w/ spinach and ham / red potatoes
*Pork chops / spaghetti squash / green beans
*Chicken and gravy / rice (brown)/ peas

So, that's it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Got some updating to do but for now, I wanna say that I have just discovered The Avett brothers and I am in love!!

and this "celebrity" crush :)

Enjoy and have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Forgive me for this rant...

We are trying to make this rental house as enjoyable as possible since we will be here a year more at least..I've got my raised beds going and when I water them, my kiddos wander out further down the driveway than I am comfortable with (we live on a busy main road)the best option we could figure was to put up a wooden fence across the driveway between our house and the neighbor's 6 ft. tall privacy fence.
Allen got to work on it yesterday and by this afternoon it was almost complete..and beautiful <3
So, the neighbor (the one with the privacy fence)came over to my house and told Allen that he was going to have to move the fence..they talked for a few minutes..she said she was afraid it would push her fence over and that she owned a foot of the grass that the fence is on..finally, when we weren't agreeing with her, she starts accusing us of being "ugly" and "yelling at her" then she proceeds to cuss at us very loudly while my kids ran around in the yard..I was furious and told her to get out of my yard. Allen finished the fence and we went inside..then, when we were pulling up at home from having dinner out, the neighbor, her son, HER neighbor and my grandfather (owner of our house)were all standing in my driveway..oh, gosh, it took everything I had to not spit on this lady at this point..I was seething with anger, name it.
So, it was decided that Allen must move the fence b/c it is a foot onto her property line which is on our side of her 6 foot tall privacy fence. WE cut the grass on her strip of land..WE take care of's on OUR side!!! She can't even see it from her yard!!! This, of course defeats the whole point of having the fence..if the foot is removed from the fence, our kids can just walk around the stupid thing. I am so disappointed and disgusted. We have been perfect neighbors to these people, even when their mentally handicapped son ran over my husband's foot while illegally driving his 4-wheeler..when they smoke pot and get loud and drunk at night over there on their side..even when their cat comes under the fence and digs and poops in my garden..we have never complained we have been great neighbors and now this...oh, Lord help me to keep my peace and be aware that when we get our house in the country with no neighbors, I will appreciate it even more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


These ants are driving me MAD!!!
We had an exterminator to spray poison all around the outside of our house and it seems to have made the ants worse! I mean, they are everywhere in our kitchen and bathroom, one even got into the bathtub with me today! I am sooo frustrated :(
Allen applied and got voted in to be a volunteer firefighter! We have watched God head us in this direction for the last few months and it is just amazing to watch...we hope that a paid firefighter will be the end result but if God has other plans, I'm sure He will let us know..for now we are trying to be faithful and learn to trust Him.
My garden is beautiful! I have a green thumb afterall!
I need something to hobby around with so gardening is my thing, I've also started writing in my journal again..I have years of my life journaled but totally stopped when the little kids came along, I feel the need to get it out on paper once again.
That's all for now :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

another one

Another favorite song

I never knew this was the same girl singing! Looks like I'm a fan! :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Longing for a God-fest.

Forgive me in advance for the long and wandering post...
Tonite I was listening to one of my all time favorite songs.

I have been having an unsettled feeling in church for the last few months. Our church is great, it is huge but there are plenty of small groups to get involved in. Our pastor really gives us lessons for life and our music is sometimes stellar...sometimes long and boring.
I am following a fantastic blog about a lady who is a rainbow person..forgive me for not being very familiar with it but the festivals that this group of people hold are awesome! They stay at least a week, maybe two in a beautiful setting camping and community cooking and just fellowshipping with one another..I'm sure there are drum circles and other festivities as well.
It made me think about how churches are so lacking in that is why my friends who don't go to church aren't is a lack of a real life God.
I want to be involved in so much more than Sunday morning worship. I want to go to the mountains, down to the coast, heck, I'll even settle for a field in Lincolnton...I would love to be a part of a huge movement for God, an outpouring of love and the sense of a greater calling, there would be dancing, praising..the best music from anyone who wanted to play, God loves to rock :)
Our lives don't have to be so rule oriented, I want my kids to grow up seeing a God who loves to laugh, who appreciates all people and cultures, a God who loves all types of music and a God who fills us up with His Holy Spirit so that we can go out and water this thirsty world.
I am longing for a Woodstock for Christ.
We wouldn't talk about the stock market or how God can heal our broken homes and fix our broken pocketbooks..I mean, God can do all these things but the real question is what can we do for God? He didn't put us here to see who could become the most financially secure or log in the most tv time..He put us here to learn and teach the gospel so everyone can have the chance to love Him...I am disappointed in the church and myself.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, today I was inspired by the Food network so I made this..
It was really good but Hailey just picked at maybe there was too much "green" in it for her. The little kids loved it and Ava loves the "bean pods"
Allen works late now through the week so I am proud of myself for actually putting forth the effort when he's not here..he won't like this dish anyway , he says all Chinese food tastes the same..HUGE eyeroll ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another sunny day!!

I used to have a favorite restaurant was Chili's Lettuce Wraps, they discontinued them here although Lora says they are still in Charlotte :(
So, I made my own this afternoon and boy were they good!!
I used the hydroponic lettuce..whatever that was the best my Food Lion had, Bibb lettuce is what is supposed to be used.
Cooked up some chicken, chopped it up
made the sesame sauce from 4 T. of sugar, asian chili garlic sauce,basalmic vinegar
2 T. soy sauce and sesame oil...a finely chopped chunk of also needed some actual sesame seeds but I couldn't find any.
So, you pour half of this sauce over the chicken in the skillet and let it simmer a while.
Serve with matchstick raw carrots and sprinkled with slivered almonds..wrap it all up in a lettuce leaf and dip...YUM!!!!
It also can be dipped in peanut sauce but I bought some jarred kind and didn't like it, I'll make my own next time.
everything else is going well :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happenings at the White's

Song to love..
We had a great snowstorm on Monday..I just love watching it's so exciting.
We went out for a walk Monday morning in the snow. Evan wasn't sure about it b/c he kept falling down. The girls loved it and Allen and I were just happy it doesn't snow every week :)

My teeny seeds are beginning to sprout. I must post pics soon..I feel like a new mom! I am loving these baby cherry tomatoes.

We're seriously figuring out how we can make homeschooling work next year. We'll hopefully have a good plan by fall. We really feel called to bring Hailey home and to hopefully give them the education God intended for them to have, at home.

I am really loving the economic recession. I am very sorry that people have lost their jobs and are stressed out but man, I love it when the whole country begins to see how incredibly money hungry we have all been..we have embraced the life of simplicity and frugalism and hope to see many friends and family join us!

We're composting and have big plans for our garden! We are hopefully going to look into a woodstove for next winter. We are passionate about taking the baby steps toward a sustainable life..for ourselves and our kids.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

In light of the recent media judgement of the mother of the octuplets, I have a few things to say.
They are saying that she should be ashamed..she's irresponsible and stealing the tax payer's money to support her kids. people are saying how she shouldn't be allowed to have children and they are tired of paying for her mistakes.
I wonder if people would say that about me too.
I wonder if the midwife who delivered my son..the one who was so impressed by my birthing that she said I was made to have babies..didn't she look at my chart? Didn't she see that I was on Medicaid?
The people in the grocery store, don't they get pissed when they watch me carefully select nutritious foods for my family? Don't they know that's gov't cheese in my cart?
Those people who comment on my well behaved kids at the park...why aren't they giving us dirty looks? Don't they know that by their standards, these kids should never have been born?!
Don't they know I'm too poor to be a mother!!!

Vent over...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The kids are napping and I am enjoying some PEACE!
I'm excited about this new year. I am excited to learn to "bloom where I'm planted" :)
So, I've been planning my garden. I want an L-shaped raised bed with veggies, of coures, I'm not sure which ones yet. I also plan to have a big pot of cherry tomatoes and a big herb pot. Also hopefully a salad pot full of fresh baby greens :)
Yay! C'mon spring!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My new love...

Actually, there are two, I am in love with bamboo prefolds and Folger's instant coffee :)
The bamboo velour prefolds are divine..Evan's little butt is covered in softness and the outside is bamboo terry so it's totally snappi-able..I don't do pins.
The instant coffe was bought for a bread recipe but I LOVE it!!
I'm sure it is made of total gross-ness but I'm smitten.
Keep us in your prayers, we're really being tested..we'll make it through though.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A house in the country

I have a dream of a house in the country.
This house has 4 bedrooms, a big kitchen and a wood burning fireplace. It's on a few acres of slightly rolling land with a creek. The land is fenced with a big farm gate at the road, my kids can explore for hours every day, they will help me garden and tend to the goats and chickens (I'll have to get over my chicken phobia first) We will live a peaceful life together, we'll be in an excellent homeschool area where my kids will have plenty of other homeschoolers to play with. My husband and I will sell organic produce in summer and fall. We will work on the land God has given us and have many moments of reflection, thankfulness for God's grace and provision.
And then there is reality....
I get so anxious sometimes waiting for our dream, I mean, if God has given the vision He will give the provision right?!
My faith is far sighted....I can see the future very clearly but I can't see the provision that God has given me right
So, I choose to see the great old house that God has put us in nothing short of miraculously. This house is owned by my grandpa and my kids are the 6th generation to live here. We rent it for cheap, which leads me to another provision.
When we moved here in August, we were really excited to be renting something for so little would allow us to save up a down payment for the house in the country. God knew what we didn't.
Allen was forced to make a decision in his business which changed the whole course of our finances. He now owns his skateboard shop outright but has started from scratch with zero money, This has meant we are living tighter than we have ever before..and before, we didn't know you could get any tighter without starving..Ah, another provision here..
God has provided us with food stamps and WIC from the state, if you don't agree that we should get gov't assistance then you probably shouldn't read this blog :) We are able to buy groceries like we have never in our lives.
I said all this, to say this..God is good. He has a perfect plan for our lives but they will happen in His perfect timing..not ours..I am trying hard to remember that and appreciate today's provisions.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sourdough failure, etc.

AAAggghhhh....I researched, nurtured and protected my little sourdough starter for and entire week. I looked up the most yummy looking sourdough pretzels I could find and made my first mix...I waited and waited..nothing..there was no rise...nothing!! Since the starter was supposed to make it rise, I consider it a kids enjoyed rolling the dough all over my kitchen floor though so that's a plus...
Hailey has been appointed to the student council at her right? I've got a total overachiever here...didn't get that from her mama ;)