Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First post!!!

I am excited to be blogging!
Be prepared for random ramblings and pics.
Today I had a great day. My friend Alexas and her kiddo Macie came over for lunch. We had leftovers and Ramen noodles ( we know they're one of the most unhealthy things ever) Kids had a great time playing Play-Dough. Cleaned up a little bit after they left and tried unsuccessfully to get Evan to nap. Ava napped but Evan refused so, by 6pm he was super whiny and grumpy.
Allen came home and I went out for an evening of chillin' at Books-A-Million with Alexas.
Got home, put Evan to bed..not Ava 'cause she's not sleepy yet..she took a nap remember?
Anyway, excited to be bloggin'.