Sunday, September 14, 2008

Got it all together.

So, I am aspiring to be an organized mom. One of those that are always on time with a stocked diaper bag and great looking kids. I am always the last mom to arrive, showing way too much cleavage with barefoot kids and totally forgot my money. I do not have it all together.
This is why I was completely shocked when Hailey's teacher sent a note home with her asking me to be gradeparent...ME?! I thought of a million ways to get out of it but Hailey wanted me to do it so badly. So, I was cornered by the teacher (who is really great BTW) and I said, I am Hailey's third grade class grademother..poor kids. This will definitely be interesting.
So, I am trying to get it all together this house is pretty well organized and Evan doesn't nurse in public quite as often....I'm gonna cover up the boobs and look qualified :)