Sunday, October 26, 2008

A house in the country

I have a dream of a house in the country.
This house has 4 bedrooms, a big kitchen and a wood burning fireplace. It's on a few acres of slightly rolling land with a creek. The land is fenced with a big farm gate at the road, my kids can explore for hours every day, they will help me garden and tend to the goats and chickens (I'll have to get over my chicken phobia first) We will live a peaceful life together, we'll be in an excellent homeschool area where my kids will have plenty of other homeschoolers to play with. My husband and I will sell organic produce in summer and fall. We will work on the land God has given us and have many moments of reflection, thankfulness for God's grace and provision.
And then there is reality....
I get so anxious sometimes waiting for our dream, I mean, if God has given the vision He will give the provision right?!
My faith is far sighted....I can see the future very clearly but I can't see the provision that God has given me right
So, I choose to see the great old house that God has put us in nothing short of miraculously. This house is owned by my grandpa and my kids are the 6th generation to live here. We rent it for cheap, which leads me to another provision.
When we moved here in August, we were really excited to be renting something for so little would allow us to save up a down payment for the house in the country. God knew what we didn't.
Allen was forced to make a decision in his business which changed the whole course of our finances. He now owns his skateboard shop outright but has started from scratch with zero money, This has meant we are living tighter than we have ever before..and before, we didn't know you could get any tighter without starving..Ah, another provision here..
God has provided us with food stamps and WIC from the state, if you don't agree that we should get gov't assistance then you probably shouldn't read this blog :) We are able to buy groceries like we have never in our lives.
I said all this, to say this..God is good. He has a perfect plan for our lives but they will happen in His perfect timing..not ours..I am trying hard to remember that and appreciate today's provisions.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sourdough failure, etc.

AAAggghhhh....I researched, nurtured and protected my little sourdough starter for and entire week. I looked up the most yummy looking sourdough pretzels I could find and made my first mix...I waited and waited..nothing..there was no rise...nothing!! Since the starter was supposed to make it rise, I consider it a kids enjoyed rolling the dough all over my kitchen floor though so that's a plus...
Hailey has been appointed to the student council at her right? I've got a total overachiever here...didn't get that from her mama ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just another Sunday.

So, I was annoyed with my husband's imperfection today. I felt the need to go out alone...I went to Books-A-Million and had coffee..I also bought a great book ;)
I did some shopping for Evan and stopped at Wal-mart for some I pulled into my parking space, this song came on the radio...the sky was dark and cloudy and I just imagined Jesus coming down on a cloud and all the people who were rushing through Walmart parking lot, stopping and staring up. I just got so full of excitement and joy and at the same time, I felt very sad for those who wouldn't be going with jesus. I felt such a burden for those who don't know Him or those who choose not to believe. I think that these are special days we live in..I'm not saying that Jesus is coming tomorrow, next week or next year. I may be long since gone from here when he returns, but I know he is coming. Wow, what a sight to awesome it will be to meet my savior.