Saturday, January 31, 2009

In light of the recent media judgement of the mother of the octuplets, I have a few things to say.
They are saying that she should be ashamed..she's irresponsible and stealing the tax payer's money to support her kids. people are saying how she shouldn't be allowed to have children and they are tired of paying for her mistakes.
I wonder if people would say that about me too.
I wonder if the midwife who delivered my son..the one who was so impressed by my birthing that she said I was made to have babies..didn't she look at my chart? Didn't she see that I was on Medicaid?
The people in the grocery store, don't they get pissed when they watch me carefully select nutritious foods for my family? Don't they know that's gov't cheese in my cart?
Those people who comment on my well behaved kids at the park...why aren't they giving us dirty looks? Don't they know that by their standards, these kids should never have been born?!
Don't they know I'm too poor to be a mother!!!

Vent over...


Lora said...

This is so awesome.I admit, I judged her too -- mostly because I felt like 8 was inappropriate number to xfer (but no one has confirmed that's how she got preggo yet). But yes, all children are blessings -- even those born to poor moms like us who need a little help here and there :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with these sentiments more. Further, if I have to hear one more person blame her RE I will scream. What so now doctors are supposed to be the reproduction police? Sigh.