Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, today I was inspired by the Food network so I made this..
It was really good but Hailey just picked at maybe there was too much "green" in it for her. The little kids loved it and Ava loves the "bean pods"
Allen works late now through the week so I am proud of myself for actually putting forth the effort when he's not here..he won't like this dish anyway , he says all Chinese food tastes the same..HUGE eyeroll ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another sunny day!!

I used to have a favorite restaurant was Chili's Lettuce Wraps, they discontinued them here although Lora says they are still in Charlotte :(
So, I made my own this afternoon and boy were they good!!
I used the hydroponic lettuce..whatever that was the best my Food Lion had, Bibb lettuce is what is supposed to be used.
Cooked up some chicken, chopped it up
made the sesame sauce from 4 T. of sugar, asian chili garlic sauce,basalmic vinegar
2 T. soy sauce and sesame oil...a finely chopped chunk of also needed some actual sesame seeds but I couldn't find any.
So, you pour half of this sauce over the chicken in the skillet and let it simmer a while.
Serve with matchstick raw carrots and sprinkled with slivered almonds..wrap it all up in a lettuce leaf and dip...YUM!!!!
It also can be dipped in peanut sauce but I bought some jarred kind and didn't like it, I'll make my own next time.
everything else is going well :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happenings at the White's

Song to love..
We had a great snowstorm on Monday..I just love watching it's so exciting.
We went out for a walk Monday morning in the snow. Evan wasn't sure about it b/c he kept falling down. The girls loved it and Allen and I were just happy it doesn't snow every week :)

My teeny seeds are beginning to sprout. I must post pics soon..I feel like a new mom! I am loving these baby cherry tomatoes.

We're seriously figuring out how we can make homeschooling work next year. We'll hopefully have a good plan by fall. We really feel called to bring Hailey home and to hopefully give them the education God intended for them to have, at home.

I am really loving the economic recession. I am very sorry that people have lost their jobs and are stressed out but man, I love it when the whole country begins to see how incredibly money hungry we have all been..we have embraced the life of simplicity and frugalism and hope to see many friends and family join us!

We're composting and have big plans for our garden! We are hopefully going to look into a woodstove for next winter. We are passionate about taking the baby steps toward a sustainable life..for ourselves and our kids.