Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another sunny day!!

I used to have a favorite restaurant was Chili's Lettuce Wraps, they discontinued them here although Lora says they are still in Charlotte :(
So, I made my own this afternoon and boy were they good!!
I used the hydroponic lettuce..whatever that was the best my Food Lion had, Bibb lettuce is what is supposed to be used.
Cooked up some chicken, chopped it up
made the sesame sauce from 4 T. of sugar, asian chili garlic sauce,basalmic vinegar
2 T. soy sauce and sesame oil...a finely chopped chunk of also needed some actual sesame seeds but I couldn't find any.
So, you pour half of this sauce over the chicken in the skillet and let it simmer a while.
Serve with matchstick raw carrots and sprinkled with slivered almonds..wrap it all up in a lettuce leaf and dip...YUM!!!!
It also can be dipped in peanut sauce but I bought some jarred kind and didn't like it, I'll make my own next time.
everything else is going well :)

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Lora said...

YUM! You've got me craving lettuce wraps now! If you ever head down here, let me take you to Sushi 101, they used to have great ones, wonder if they still do?