Monday, April 27, 2009

Forgive me for this rant...

We are trying to make this rental house as enjoyable as possible since we will be here a year more at least..I've got my raised beds going and when I water them, my kiddos wander out further down the driveway than I am comfortable with (we live on a busy main road)the best option we could figure was to put up a wooden fence across the driveway between our house and the neighbor's 6 ft. tall privacy fence.
Allen got to work on it yesterday and by this afternoon it was almost complete..and beautiful <3
So, the neighbor (the one with the privacy fence)came over to my house and told Allen that he was going to have to move the fence..they talked for a few minutes..she said she was afraid it would push her fence over and that she owned a foot of the grass that the fence is on..finally, when we weren't agreeing with her, she starts accusing us of being "ugly" and "yelling at her" then she proceeds to cuss at us very loudly while my kids ran around in the yard..I was furious and told her to get out of my yard. Allen finished the fence and we went inside..then, when we were pulling up at home from having dinner out, the neighbor, her son, HER neighbor and my grandfather (owner of our house)were all standing in my driveway..oh, gosh, it took everything I had to not spit on this lady at this point..I was seething with anger, name it.
So, it was decided that Allen must move the fence b/c it is a foot onto her property line which is on our side of her 6 foot tall privacy fence. WE cut the grass on her strip of land..WE take care of's on OUR side!!! She can't even see it from her yard!!! This, of course defeats the whole point of having the fence..if the foot is removed from the fence, our kids can just walk around the stupid thing. I am so disappointed and disgusted. We have been perfect neighbors to these people, even when their mentally handicapped son ran over my husband's foot while illegally driving his 4-wheeler..when they smoke pot and get loud and drunk at night over there on their side..even when their cat comes under the fence and digs and poops in my garden..we have never complained we have been great neighbors and now this...oh, Lord help me to keep my peace and be aware that when we get our house in the country with no neighbors, I will appreciate it even more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


These ants are driving me MAD!!!
We had an exterminator to spray poison all around the outside of our house and it seems to have made the ants worse! I mean, they are everywhere in our kitchen and bathroom, one even got into the bathtub with me today! I am sooo frustrated :(
Allen applied and got voted in to be a volunteer firefighter! We have watched God head us in this direction for the last few months and it is just amazing to watch...we hope that a paid firefighter will be the end result but if God has other plans, I'm sure He will let us know..for now we are trying to be faithful and learn to trust Him.
My garden is beautiful! I have a green thumb afterall!
I need something to hobby around with so gardening is my thing, I've also started writing in my journal again..I have years of my life journaled but totally stopped when the little kids came along, I feel the need to get it out on paper once again.
That's all for now :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

another one

Another favorite song

I never knew this was the same girl singing! Looks like I'm a fan! :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Longing for a God-fest.

Forgive me in advance for the long and wandering post...
Tonite I was listening to one of my all time favorite songs.

I have been having an unsettled feeling in church for the last few months. Our church is great, it is huge but there are plenty of small groups to get involved in. Our pastor really gives us lessons for life and our music is sometimes stellar...sometimes long and boring.
I am following a fantastic blog about a lady who is a rainbow person..forgive me for not being very familiar with it but the festivals that this group of people hold are awesome! They stay at least a week, maybe two in a beautiful setting camping and community cooking and just fellowshipping with one another..I'm sure there are drum circles and other festivities as well.
It made me think about how churches are so lacking in that is why my friends who don't go to church aren't is a lack of a real life God.
I want to be involved in so much more than Sunday morning worship. I want to go to the mountains, down to the coast, heck, I'll even settle for a field in Lincolnton...I would love to be a part of a huge movement for God, an outpouring of love and the sense of a greater calling, there would be dancing, praising..the best music from anyone who wanted to play, God loves to rock :)
Our lives don't have to be so rule oriented, I want my kids to grow up seeing a God who loves to laugh, who appreciates all people and cultures, a God who loves all types of music and a God who fills us up with His Holy Spirit so that we can go out and water this thirsty world.
I am longing for a Woodstock for Christ.
We wouldn't talk about the stock market or how God can heal our broken homes and fix our broken pocketbooks..I mean, God can do all these things but the real question is what can we do for God? He didn't put us here to see who could become the most financially secure or log in the most tv time..He put us here to learn and teach the gospel so everyone can have the chance to love Him...I am disappointed in the church and myself.