Wednesday, April 15, 2009


These ants are driving me MAD!!!
We had an exterminator to spray poison all around the outside of our house and it seems to have made the ants worse! I mean, they are everywhere in our kitchen and bathroom, one even got into the bathtub with me today! I am sooo frustrated :(
Allen applied and got voted in to be a volunteer firefighter! We have watched God head us in this direction for the last few months and it is just amazing to watch...we hope that a paid firefighter will be the end result but if God has other plans, I'm sure He will let us know..for now we are trying to be faithful and learn to trust Him.
My garden is beautiful! I have a green thumb afterall!
I need something to hobby around with so gardening is my thing, I've also started writing in my journal again..I have years of my life journaled but totally stopped when the little kids came along, I feel the need to get it out on paper once again.
That's all for now :)


Alexas said...

you know that if they only sprayed outside, all he probably did was drive the ants in......sorry!

Lora said...

I feel ya on the ants. They are in my living room. Grrrrr.

Journaling is a great idea! I really need to start!