Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's been a while, life is truly remarkable..things can be so good then so tough withing months..even days. We have been having an incredibly rough few months and I have found myself to be immersed in my own problems..I have talked to my friends about it until I am sick of hearing it myself.
God is true and faithful always, even in the dark places where we can't imagine our way out.
I'm leaning on this song and striving to live the lyrics

I love God so much and I am so incredibly thankful that He has a perfect plan for my family. We are faithfully waiting :)
This next one is a shockingly beautiful love song for our Savior..

A while ago I asked God to guide women into my life that I could learn from and also women who could benefit from my friendship, I am still amazed at the circle of friends that He has given me...women so different and so the same, God is abundant in His gifts. Thanks to everyone who has lifted our family up in your prayers and sent us good energy. :)

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